CK helps organizations and users to automate tedious R&D tasks, enable reproducible research and manage knowledge

Collective Knowledge (CK) is an open-source collaborative framework to help you share and reuse automation tasks and knowledge in the form of portable "actions" and code, data and model abstractions with a unified CLI, Python API, and JSON meta description. They can be connected together to enable reproducible research and collaboratively solve real-world problems based on DevOps principles - give it a try!

CK is a community-driven, decentralized, small and cross-platform framework helping users to save their knowledge and automate repetitive and often painful tasks in the form of portable, customizable and reusable Python components with a unified API, CLI and JSON meta description. Such tasks include automatically detecting and installing software, models and data sets on Linux, Windows, MacOS and Android; assembling, running and autotuning AI/ML workflows across diverse platforms from IoT to supercomputers (see Android demo); crowdsourcing and reproducing experiments; support reproducible tournaments and hackathons such as ACM ReQuEST and Quantum computing challenges; and even generating interactive articles. Such components can be easily connected together to collaboratively solve real-world problems and accelerate open science!

CK complements many popular tools and services:

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