We believe in the power of collaborative, systematic and reproducible R&D to solve the World's most challenging problems!

CK helps organizations all over the world do cool things:

Collective Knowledge (CK) is a modular open-source framework to speed up collaborative and reproducible research with reusable, customizable, portable and non-virtualized (!) components (code, data and models). Trusted by a growing number of academic and industrial partners, CK unifies and dramatically accelerates complex experiments such as benchmarking, co-design and optimization of the whole SW/HW stack for AI/ML from cloud to edge. Give it a try!

CK is a community-driven, decentralized, small and cross-platform framework to help users organize their local code, data and scripts; convert them into portable, customizable and reusable components with a Python API, JSON meta description and an integrated package manager; quickly prototype research workflows on Linux, Windows, MacOS and Android; automate and crowdsource complex experiments; systematize and reuse research knowledge; generate interactive papers; support reproducible tournaments such as ACM ReQuEST and accelerate open science!

CK complements many popular tools and services:

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