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In 2015, we developed a smaller and simpler version of cM (Collective Knowledge) now available at GITHUB. New live repository is also available online here!
Collective Mind framework is now officially deprecated!

Collective Mind Framework and Repository is intended to describe, run, systematize and share experiments in computer engineering in a reproducible way!

Warning: this is an ongoing and continuously evolving project so please be patient or join our collaborative effort to systematize computer engineering!
Collective Mind long-term vision

Vision journal paper, ADAPT'15 workshop, ACM SIGPLAN workshop on reproducible research @ PLDI'14, Download cM source code, cM example for GCC 4.7.2 description for Android, cM plugin-based auto-tuning pipeline, Related publications and slides
cM Stats
Number of shared codelets and benchmarks: 442
Number of shared datasets: 489
Number of shared tools: 54
Number of classes: 177
Number of combinations of benchmarks and datasets: 6650
Number of total explored points in space: 440837
Number of latest explored points in space: 2550
Crowd-tuning demo (using Android Collective Mind Node)
Development and other news
cM engine version status