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Join the international CK consortium to develop a common platform for collaborative and reproducible R&D (open science) built upon shared CK artifacts from ACM & IEEE conferences!

Collective Knowledge framework (CK) is a cross-platform open research SDK developed in collaboration with academic and industrial partners to share artifacts as reusable and customizable components with a unified Python JSON API; assemble portable and customizable experimental workflows (such as multi-objective AI/SW/HW autotuning and co-design); automate package installation across diverse hardware and environments; crowdsource and reproduce experiments across platforms provided by volunteers similar to SETI@home; unify predictive analytics and enable interactive articles. It helps the community to reinvent computer engineering, enable sustainable and portable research software while adapting to a Cambrian AI/SW/HW chaos, and accelerate AI research. Install and try it yourself on any platform.

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Build sustainable research software and accelerate knowledge discovery via open R&D!

  • Tired of keeping up with the ever changing AI/SW/HW stack?
  • Lost in the ever growing number of design choices?
  • End up with under-performing and expensive software and hardware?
  • Never find time and resources to optimize your workload and tune models?
  • Spend more time on ad-hoc experimentation than on innovation?
  • Lose ad-hoc research software and artifacts when leading researchers leave?
After suffering from these problems for more than a decade (papers 1, 2 and 3) we eventually decided to develop a common research SDK called Collective Knowledge with our partners to enable practical open science (note that Collective Mind is a previous and deprecated technology). The idea behind Collective Knowledge is to provide an open-source and relatively simple technology to connect together academia, industry and individual researchers to exchange research artifacts and workflows and collaboratively tackle grand challenges in computer engineering and other sciences. CK SDK assists to

See CK use cases by ARM and ACM:

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