This is a beta version of a research topic generator!

Academic promotion is still often based on a total number of publications rather than novelty, usefulness, statistical meaningfulness, availability of code and data, and reproducibility of experimental results.

Therefore, some years ago, we decided to help some of our academic colleagues and created this customizable Collective Knowledge module to automatically generate research topics in computer engineering (useful for grant proposals, PhD/MS theses, "low hanging fruit" and incremental articles).

We hope it will be very appreciated by the academic community ;) ! It should make all reviewers and readers even more happy when trying to process all those numerous exciting publications! We also found that it is even possible to predict which papers will be published within next few years (our observations for the past decade are surprisingly correct)!

Generated topic:

Novel framework for global model/sw/hw co-design with CUDA.

Simply restart this module to generate next exciting topic or alternatively check out our wiki, open-source framework and repository, and new publication model to enable systematic, collaborative and reproducible R&D.
You can even automate generation of these topics from CMD using our CK framework:
  > ck pull repo:ck-dissemination --url=
  > ck generate dissemination.publication:template-joke

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