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Added by: Grigori Fursin
Date: 2015-02-24 10:12:51.967000
License: See CK LICENSE.txt for licensing details
Module: os
Repo: ck-env
CID (DOI-like distributed ID): 0440cb72c2bc5cc6:7a95e0754c37610a
Tags: os,windows

Cross-linking (dependencies):

  "add_to_path_os_uoa": "4e3ac1901f4b25bc", 
  "batch_check_if_set": "if not [%1] == [1] (if defined $#ck_var#$ exit /b 0)\n", 
  "batch_exit": "exit /b $#return_code#$", 
  "batch_prefix": "@echo off\n\nrem CK generated script\n", 
  "bits": "64", 
  "bits_all": [
  "change_dir": "cd /D", 
  "ck_name": "win", 
  "ck_name2": "win", 
  "cmd_for_detached_console": "start $#cmd#$", 
  "delete_file": "del ", 
  "dir_sep": "\\", 
  "env_call": "call", 
  "env_quotes": "", 
  "env_quotes_if_remote": "\"", 
  "env_quotes_if_space": "", 
  "env_quotes_if_space_in_call": "\"", 
  "env_separator": "&&", 
  "env_set": "set", 
  "env_var_separator": ";", 
  "env_var_start": "%", 
  "env_var_stop": "%", 
  "extract_package": {
    ".tar.bz2": "del /F /Q $#cm_file_without_one_ext#$ && bzip2 -d $#cm_file#$ && tar xvf $#cm_file_without_one_ext#$ && del /F /Q $#cm_file_without_one_ext#$", 
    ".tar.gz": "del /F /Q $#cm_file_without_one_ext#$ && gzip -d $#cm_file#$ && tar xvf $#cm_file_without_one_ext#$ && del /F /Q $#cm_file_without_one_ext#$", 
    ".zip": "unzip -q -o $#cm_file#$ && del /F /Q $#cm_file#$"
  "family": "windows", 
  "file_extensions": {
    "dll": ".dll", 
    "exe": ".exe", 
    "java_class": ".class", 
    "java_lib": ".jar", 
    "lib": ".lib"
  "generic": "yes", 
  "host_file_extensions": {
    "exe2": ".exe"
  "html_for_detached_console": "\r\n\r\n \r\nConsole was detached. This window can be closed!\r\n\r\n", 
  "lib_dir": "lib", 
  "make_dir": "mkdir ", 
  "md5sum": "md5sum", 
  "name": "windows", 
  "no_output": "@", 
  "priority": "yes", 
  "processor": "x64", 
  "quit_if_error": "if %errorlevel% neq 0 exit /b %errorlevel%", 
  "redirect_stderr": "2>", 
  "redirect_stderr_aggr": "2>>", 
  "redirect_stderr_with_stdout": "2>>&1", 
  "redirect_stdout": ">", 
  "redirect_stdout_aggr": ">>", 
  "rem": "rem", 
  "script_ext": ".bat", 
  "set_affinity": "taskset -c $#ck_affinity#$", 
  "suppress_output": "> nul", 
  "tags": [
  "use_create_new_console_flag": "yes", 
  "windows_base": "yes"

API desc:

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Developed by dividiti,
cTuning foundation,
and the community
Implemented as a CK workflow
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