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Date: 2016-12-27 13:01:54.667265
Module: program
Repo: ck-zlib
CID (DOI-like distributed ID): b0ac08fe1d3c2615:870b7744a6511320
cBench benchmark collection:
Tags: ccrypt,lang-c,automotive,benchmark,program,crowd-tuning

ccrypt.c    (15KB)
ccrypt.h    (2KB)
ccryptlib.c    (9KB)
ccryptlib.h    (5KB)
getopt.c    (31KB)
getopt.h    (7KB)
getopt1.c    (5KB)
gettext.h    (4KB)
lists.h    (13KB)
main.c    (20KB)
main.h    (2KB)
platform.c    (3KB)
platform.h    (3KB)
readkey.c    (2KB)
readkey.h    (1KB)
rijndael.c    (9KB)
rijndael.h    (3KB)
tables.c    (55KB)
tables.h    (1KB)
traverse.c    (26KB)
traverse.h    (1KB)
unixcrypt3.c    (22KB)
unixcrypt3.h    (1KB)
unixcryptlib.c    (5KB)
unixcryptlib.h    (1KB)
xalloc.c    (2KB)
xalloc.h    (1KB)

Cross-linking (dependencies):

  "backup_data_uid": "870b7744a6511320", 
  "build_compiler_vars": {
    "XOPENME": ""
  "compile_deps": {
    "compiler": {
      "local": "yes", 
      "name": "C compiler", 
      "sort": 10, 
      "tags": "compiler,lang-c"
    "xopenme": {
      "local": "yes", 
      "name": "xOpenME library", 
      "sort": 20, 
      "tags": "lib,xopenme"
  "compiler_env": "CK_CC", 
  "data_name": "ccrypt", 
  "extra_ld_vars": "$<>$", 
  "main_language": "c", 
  "process_in_tmp": "yes", 
  "program": "yes", 
  "run_cmds": {
    "encrypt": {
      "dataset_tags": [
      "hot_functions": [], 
      "ignore_return_code": "no", 
      "run_time": {
        "fine_grain_timer_file": "tmp-ck-timer.json", 
        "run_cmd_main": "$#BIN_FILE#$ --encrypt --key 123 --brave --tmpfiles $#dataset_path#$$#dataset_filename#$", 
        "run_cmd_out1": "tmp-output1.tmp", 
        "run_cmd_out2": "tmp-output2.tmp", 
        "run_correctness_output_files": [
        "run_output_files": [
  "run_vars": {
    "CT_REPEAT_MAIN": "1"
  "source_files": [
  "tags": [
  "target_file": "a"

API desc:

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