cKnowledge Ltd is a research and engineering company headquartered in Paris.

Our mission is to help companies, researchers, engineers and enterpreneurs quickly prototype their ideas and bring their novel technology to the rapidly evolving world in the fastest and most efficient way while slashing their development and operational costs.

We are leading an open MLCommons taskforce on automation and reproducibility to develop a Collective Knowledge Platform (MLCommons CK) powered by our Collective Mind framework (MLCommons CM aka CK2) that we have co-developed with the cTuning foundation and donated to MLCommons in 2022. The CK technology is intended to automatically generate an application with the most suitable AI/SW/HW stack from any vendor at any given time (ML model, framework, inference engine and all other related dependencies) based user requirements and constraints including costs, throughput, latency, power consumption, accuracy, target devices (cloud/edge/mobile/tiny), environment and data.

Our technology was successfully validated by the community and MLCommons members by automating, unifying and reproducing more than 80% of all MLPerf inference benchmark submissions (and 98% of power results) with very diverse technology from Neural Magic, Qualcomm, Krai, DELL, HPE, Lenovo, Hugging Face, Nvidia, AMD, Intel and Apple across diverse CPUs, GPUs and DSPs with PyTorch, ONNX, QAIC, TF/TFLite, TVM and TensorRT using popular cloud providers (GCP, AWS, Azure) and individual servers and edge devices provided by our volunteers and contributors. We are also leading or supporting important reproduciblity efforts and artifact evaluation at the leading ML and Systems conferences to improve reproducibility and reusability of published research.

Get in touch with our founder to learn more about our open-source technology, community projects, R&D services and long-term vision.