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Distinct solutions after online classification (auto/crowd-tune GCC compiler flags (minimize execution time))

Scenario UID8289e0cf24346aa7 (experiment.tune.compiler.flags.gcc.e)
Data UID8fb4562f7e77ba1a
Discuss (optimizations to improve compilers,
semantic/data set/hardware features
to improve predictions
, etc):
GitHub wiki, Google group
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Reproduce all (with reactions):ck replay 8289e0cf24346aa7:8fb4562f7e77ba1a
CompilerGCC 4.9
Improvement key IK1Main kernel execution time speedup [min]
Improvement key IK2Code size improvement

Improvements (<4% variation) Distinct workload for highest improvement
# Solution UID IK1 IK2 New distinct optimization choices Ref Best species Worst species Touched Iters Program CMD Dataset Dataset file CPU freq (MHz) Cores Platform OS Replay
S1 45064b11a7f50a11 1.32 1.03 -O3 -fcompare-elim -fcse-skip-blocks -fcx-limited-range -fno-devirtualize -fno-hoist-adjacent-loads -fno-guess-branch-probability -fno-inline -ftoplevel-reorder -fno-partial-inlining -fno-peel-loops -fno-sched-critical-path-heuristic -fsingle-precision-constant -fthread-jumps -fno-tree-dce -fno-tree-dominator-opts -ftree-phiprop -fno-tree-sra -funsafe-loop-optimizations -fsched-stalled-insns-dep=0 --param max-pending-list-length=54 --param gcse-after-reload-critical-fraction=10 --param gcse-unrestricted-cost=4 --param max-unroll-times=1 --param max-unswitch-level=4 --param tracer-min-branch-probability=95 --param max-goto-duplication-insns=16 --param omega-max-vars=27 --param omega-hash-table-size=327 --param max-sched-insn-conflict-delay=1 --param selsched-insns-to-rename=2 --param simultaneous-prefetches=0 --param graphite-max-bbs-per-function=198 --param max-vartrack-expr-depth=3 --param ipa-cp-value-list-size=2 --param lto-partitions=10 --param max-tail-merge-comparisons=3 -O3 1 0 2 1 milepost-codelet-mibench-office-rsynth-src-nsynth-codelet-5-1 default 1 4GOOD S450M 4G Android 5.1

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Developed by Grigori Fursin           
Implemented as a CK workflow
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