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  "authors": [
      "name": "0728a400aa1c86fe"
  "bib_ref": "cm:29db2248aba45e59:bfb3134d4c078236", 
  "local_bib": "doc.bib", 
  "local_doc": "doc.pdf", 
  "notes": [
      "italic": "yes", 
      "note": "Introducing open-source Collective Mind Framework (plugin-based knowledge management system) [$#cm_d76ac3bb9a3f744c_bd5c924415bae775#$] and public repository [$#cm_4d63887b5cda54aa_4d4fbc8d3ae7e75c#$] to start collaborative systematization of computer engineering and initiate new publication model where all research artifacts are shared, validated and extended by the community [$#cm_e84a25bcb528c798_94f7fafabf0baa0b#$]"
  "place": "", 
  "publish_iso_date": "2013-06-01", 
  "title": "HiPEAC Thematic Session on \"Making Computer Engineering a science\": cleaning up the mess", 
  "type": {
    "name": "newsletter", 
    "peer_reviewed": "yes", 
    "scope": "international"
  "when": "2013", 
  "where": "HiPEAC newsletter 35"

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